Return Exchange and Booking Policy


Customer service is ranked number one at iHome, so the goal of returning product procedure is to ensure customer satisfaction.

Term and Conditions on Return and Exchange :

1 - Returning products :

The customer can return the purchased products within (3) days from the date of purchasing the product invoice, provided that the returned products are complete and in their original packaging and the original invoice, and all attached accessories must be attached to them, as well as all documents that were delivered on or with the original shipment. Such as warranty cards, manuals, instructions for use, and others

  • Sold products are replaced only if there is a manufacturing defect.
    • Products excluded from return: (items As is - last piece - Clearance- towels - pillows - bed linen)

2 - Product replacement :

If the returned item is not available in stock. The customer is given the choice either to receive products at the same price or to receive a credit or receipt for the full amount of the products.
• Other products meet the same conditions, except (towels, sheets, pillows) cannot be replaced or returned for health hazards.

3 - Reservation/Booking:

The products are reserved for 14 days from the date of purchase if the payment is from 5% to 49% of total value whereas if the payment is from 50% to 100% the Product will be reserved for 60 days , and if the period is completed, the invoice is canceled the products become the property of iHome and the right to sell and the amount is returned to the customer.

  • With regard to items (As is - last piece – Clearance), the fees for dismantling and installation are charged to the customer.

4 - Warranty policy for products:

IHOME is responsible for repairing any problem that appears in the products covered by the warranty for normal use within the specified period of the product warranty
In the following cases, the product will not be subject to warranty, but the service will be for a fee

a. In cases of any damage caused by the customer
In. Damage caused by misuse
C. Damage caused by transport accidents
D. Damage caused by incorrect placement (e.g. next to heating pipes, close to damp places, etc...)
Going to. Fire damage
Dear customer, limited repair of the product falls under the warranty and any direct or indirect impact or any damages resulting from delays due to non-repair, IHOME is not responsible for that.


5- Shipping and delivery charges :

The delivery and installation service is provided free of charge to locations within a distance of 100 kilometers and more than it is at the expense of the customer and is obligated to pay it with the issuance of the invoice according to the guide included in it, and it includes (furniture, lighting, mattresses) and otherwise subject to conditions and policy.

6- The original invoice and other documents :

All products returned to iHome must be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice that came with the original products or that were sent by other means

7- Refunding the Amount of returned products:

  • A check is issued in the name of the customer within 30 days, provided that it is in the name of the owner of the invoice.
    • Amount is transferred within 14 days. Directed to the name of the owner of the invoice • If the payment is by Visa or Any other Credit card issuance company , the bank commission amount + the delivery and installation amount will be deducted.

8 - The customer acknowledged that the products are purchased after making sure of ample space available for installation .

9 - Products are not delivered until the invoice is fully paid.
10 - No change or amendment by Employee is allowed, and those who violate these policies will be subject to accountability.